New friend :D

October 30, 2009



Took me a week or so to find her but it was worth it. Accidentally bumped into her on the way to Drak’Tharon keep. (: So happy with her <3 She’s so pretty. And her special ability is actually pretty awesome (: Good for confusing druids too apparently.

Meet Lyra (formally Gondria), mah new kitty.


Much needed laughs.

October 8, 2009




October 2, 2009

So yesterday I bought a car. Yeah. Wow.

My first car.

Exciting. It gets delivered on the weekend and already I’m insured, tax pending and lessons in the works. @w@ All kinda happened over 2 days or so. Fairly manic!

And token WoW update:

We reached north end! As of now level 69 Hunter with grand master skinning and leather (took ages getting that last level!). Got some funky new armour from doing Nesingway and Ring of Blood quests earlier, also a few northend quests.

Hemet Nesingway is a legend.

And is Blizzard trying to insinuate that dwarves are drunkards? Every time I address one they day ‘Can I interest ye in a pint?!’.. Do they carry beer around with them? Under their beards maybe? But they do make me smile. BE GOOD.


What has Kini been up to? Job hunting and WoW!

September 21, 2009

Well since I’ve left FF I’ve been looking for a job, really. The job market is really competitive at the moment with so many unemployed people in Britain. I’m confident I’ll find something though.

But between that? I’ve been sleeping and eating.. And playing the game most FFXI players love to hate. And I admit, I was one of them FFXI players who was like ‘lolWoW‘.

And then I tried it for myself.

I have to say. I now wish FFXI players would stop being so narrow minded about a game like WoW. It’s just a completely different experience.

I’ll put it this way. I got myself playing after failing to trial Aion -took so long to download and install.. And then it didn’t work. So I’d been looking forward to trying something new and then it just didn’t happen. That depressed me a little so I wandered over to Blizzard’s site to take a look at what WoW had to offer. At first I read it and I was a little confused and bemused. Everything in WoW is so different.. But then I found a link. Try for 10 days free.

Okay, I can do that.. So I click the link and fill in my details like it asks me to. Then it directs me to ‘download’. Since it was quite late at night, I figured I’d start the download then go to bed. Let it download while I sleep. So anyway. I start it and about 5 seconds later, firefox pops up saying the download is complete.

Hang on a minute.

I know I have a fairly good internet connection but downloading WoW in that time frame? Anyway. I boot it up, it goes through a few set up things. Then before you know it I’m standing on the Ghostlands server as a female night elf.  Blizzard allow streaming of the game from their website for a 10 day trial, which I brilliant really. Don’t need to clog up your hard drive with something you don’t know if you’ll like.

So there I was, a level 1 hunter stood in Teldrassil. A big wide world and after the first cutscene I was still none the wiser about the ‘lol’ game. So I sent a message to my friend on MSN, an avid WoW player herself. A screen of myself standing there all newbie like. She immediately hops on and comes to find me.

After a rather slow start on my part, I found myself getting into it. Learning more and more about the world of Azeroth. Although I deleted my first created character on Ghostlands to join my friends on Steamwheedle Cartel – a role play server. I figured a PvP server would be a little much for a nublet like myself.

Though I stuck to Hunter. It seems a fairly robust solo job. Well I say solo. At level 10 I charmed a wolf and he became my best friend. Let me describe the job of the Hunter in an FF manner – It’s pretty much like RNG/BST. But more hardcore. I don’t have to re-charm pets, I keep the same one forever as long as I feed him and keep him happy. So I charmed my little wolf outside Stormwind City (considered the Alliance capital) and it turned out to be a match made in heaven. He was a little tank, his growl was much like provoke. He’d keep the monsters on him while I stood back and pummelled with arrows. My perfect solo partner. Which turned out to be great, since my friend were all so much higher levelled I was soloing my whole way. But this was something I didn’t mind. I rather enjoyed doing quests – the only thing I needed help for were the instances.

By this time I’d been playing the trial for a few days and was starting to really get into things. The world in this MMO was so much different and I couldn’t remember the last time I’d enjoyed myself so much playing a game – FF had become more of a routine. So I went out on a limb and bought WoW and the first expansion.

The gameplay compared to FF is something that suits me so much better. I can log in when I want, and not have to wait hours for a party since doing quests solo earns me more EXP than a party in FF ever would. And it’s far less repeatative. In FF to level a job I’d log in and do the same thing for hours and hours over and over again. In WoW I log in, do quests, follow storylines, hunt marked mobs and just explore a new environment. All on my terms.

The only times I’ve hit a block is when a quest requires me to go into an instance and retrieve an item or kill a boss – but what stopped me trying to solo that? As a level 31 Hunter I managed to solo my way down to the boss in Gnomeregan (which I was rather impressed at). But unfortunately I had to simply give up because the mobs were all clustered together in large groups and I honestly would not have had a chance. Me and my pet decided to call it but our effort was valiant!

Kinikki(Kinikki, Night Elf Hunter)

But to cut a long story short. Currently I’m a level 62 Hunter and working my way across outland with my guild and long time friends. It’s rather fun being the newb again. There’s so many things about WoW that I don’t understand and the amount of times I get lost and people end up running around to look for me. Hell, at one point I got myself so far into an Ogre stronghold and got myself pretty much stuck. My poor friend had to come battle me out of there.. And then I remembered I had a Hearthstone. How embarrassing!

I also bought Wrath of the Lich King and made myself a Death Knight to play around on, which was immensely fun. I’m playing her casually at the moment, Rilah, a Draenei Death Knight. She kicks some serious arse with that massive sword. I also have a Druid Night Elf named Kiya. Slow progress on her but it’s fun trying new jobs.

A few days ago I tried my first PvP battleground also. Immensely fun, even though the Horde must have loved me. ‘LOOK A PVP NEWB. GO GO GO!’.

Either way. Playing WoW has made me realise something. Don’t play a game if you don’t enjoy it anymore.. And that is why my FF IDs will be going inactive for a while. Someday I might come back but who knows. But before you start slagging WoW off, why don’t you do what I did. Feed your curiosity, and go to Blizzard’s site right now. Try it out. I dare you.

Oh. And for the lols.




Bye for now.

September 6, 2009

A lot of people quitting recently.


I’m dis-activating my IDs, I don’t really feel like playing FF anymore due to RL circumstances. More fish in the sea, etc?

If you wanna contact me can leave me a message on here. I have MSN and facebook.

Also playing WoW at the moment:

Steamwheedle Cartel, Kinikki, Night Elf Hunter.

Look me up.

It’s been fun.


Still alive.

August 21, 2009

Just not playing so much at the moment. Logging in for the occasional ENM with the fella but that’s all really. And ISNM if the mood takes me, but other than that I don’t feel much like playing at the moment.

I would like to start levelling DRK again though. I bought a Hauby for my level 57 DRK a few years ago and never got to wear it because invites kinda dried up and I got bored of seeking for hours and hours every day. Now with level sync and the fact that I still have lower levelled gear for it I will probably pick it back up. Would like a decent DD job at 75, not to say DNC isn’t good but. It’s not the best is it! No matter how much I pimp it out.

Well anyway, with level sync now seems a good time to finally finish DRK. Could also do BLM if I so wanted to. (: When I feel inspired to I’ll log in and gear it up.. Got 1mil sat around gathering dust at the moment so I might as well do something useful with it, should be just enough to rebuy some DRK gear.

Other than that, haven’t really played much since I just got back from Finland last week. Sad panda ):


A well deserved congratulations!

August 15, 2009

maat's cap1

Congratulations man cat! Dooom finally got his Maat’s cap after a ridiculously long arsed time. But as I already said to him – what the hell will you do with your time now?!

Should come back to Phoenix.


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